Sunday, June 28, 2009

☮"...that's why I'm starting with me..."☮

i love lazy sundays. ☂ they make me happy. and they're oh so peaceful. lurve. i also love Michael Jackson music. love, love. and this song is definitely my favorite. it's so sad that he was so troubled, his music was amazing. i pray for his poor kids. i can't wait to dress up and have our memorial dance party tomorrow night. i'm totally gonna sequin a white glove. we're gonna be startin' something. Definitely gonna beat it, because we're bad and we can't stop til we get enough. ok, that's enough. :)

current 'feel good' playistism:
James Morrison- Man in the Mirror
Tegan and Sara- Take me Anywhere
Deelite- Groove is in the Heart
Joel Plaskett- Extraordinary
Michael Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel
David Guretta ft. Kelly Rowland- When Love Takes Over
Tom Petty- American Girl
EMF- Unbelievable
Dave Matthews Band- You & Me
Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow
Squeeze- Tempted by the Fruit of Another
Uffie- The Party
Mr. Big- To Be With You
Kings of Leon-Milk
Duffy- Ready for the Floor (Hot Chip Cover)
Better Than Ezra- Juicy
Nikki Costa- Everybody Got Their Something
The Rescues- Break Me Out

I love being back in tuscaloosa.
my friends are a mess.
we have sooooo much fun.

speaking of... i trashed the very last rose today. it seems like it took forever to die. although, it died a long time ago (should've taken that as a hint).... i still kept it. convenient- con·ve·nient. adjective. a: suited to personal comfort or to easy performance (meeting at a convenient time) b: suited to a particular situation (a convenient excuse)c: affording accommodation or advantage (found it convenient to deal with both problems at the same time). ha. no thanks. and on the other hand, i have something new for a change. why do i scare so easily? don't freak out this time. dr.chris gives great advice. i probably should listen. we'll see.

i need a man like michael cera in my life. he's adorable.

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