Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"I wanna go to Hawaii..."

"I want to go to Hawaii,
Build my castle out of sand...
And I won't need anybody telling me that I can't"

I think I've finally accepted it, and if you love me, you have accepted it, as well... I'm pretty much the most emotional human being to ever walk the face of the earth. I come with a twin, but not so much twin, as we were definitely not born on the same day and we definitely are not identical--- my sister. It doesn't seem as if our mom is quite this way... UGH!

I spent an amazingly wonderful Saturday in the comfort of my beautiful family, and although I had planned an eventful, fun-filled evening of my usual debauchery, I enjoyed this one probably more-so than the other. I guess you could say I'm growing up. Although, not as much as I'd like because if I'd have had my favorite person by my side, the night would have been almost as calm, but not quite... i'm just too ADD for my own good.

But anywho.. I spent my Saturday driving a little while, painting faces a bit, and being the object of an adorable five year old's affection, and boy, was it fun! :)
Everyone needs that every once in a while.

AND OH. EM. GEE. Did you see that Alabama game???
Can I just say ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!???????? #2 BAYBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freakin love it.
And I cannot wait for my "zone" seats this weekend.

and until then...
Peace, ♥, and Princeses

Monday, September 1, 2008

"My soul is as open as the sky..."

I found this on a friends blog just now, and I figured it would offer a nice change from the bit melancholy persona my blog may have taken on in it's first posts... also, It may help everyone to learn a little about bit more about little ole' me.

peace, ♥, and princesses. :)

Ten things you wish you could say to 10 different people right now (no names):
+ I love you.
+ Oh, how I wish you would come visit me.
+ I'm smarter than you think I am.
+ Thank you for teaching me so much about myself.
+ You're better than you give yourself credit for.
+ I miss you terribly.
+ I wish, more than anything, that we could spend more time together.
+ Thank you for each and every laugh we've shared.
+ I'm sorry.
+ You inspire me.

Nine things about yourself:
+ I'm a very messy, unorganized person.
+ I wear my heart on my sleeve.
+ I'm the biggest 23 year old Eagles fan you will EVER meet, Don Henley holds my ♥!
+ I am 7x more emotional than the average female... it's in my blood.
+ I've been blessed with the most amazing, loving, caring, comedic, crazy, dysfunctional family ever, and wouldn't trade them for the world.
+ I'm a sinner saved by grace. God has given me nine lives and I refuse to take this one for granted.
+ I am a princess. (at least, in the eyes of my mom and dad, and my beautiful lil' princess nieces, and that's all that matters.)
+ I worry and over analyze everything until it makes me crazy.
+ My mom is my hero.

Eight ways to win you over:
+ cook for me.
+ sing to me. oh, how I love more than anything to be serenaded.
+ Dance with me in the rain.
+ Hold my hand, kiss me on my forehead/nose, and give me sweet bear hugs.
+ Tell me about your dreams. past, present, and future.
+ Take me on surprise road trips.
+ Spend hours doing nothing with me, being lazy, and vegging out and love it.
+ Treat me like the princess that I am.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
+ Am I wasting my time?
+ I need to lose weight.
+ Do you miss me?
+ I should be doing something more productive right now.
+ I wish I could learn how to _________(insert something interesting here).
+ I should really clean my room.
+ I miss mom's cooking.

Six things you wish you never did:
+ Acquired the potty mouth that I have
+ Scared/Hurt my family
+ Lost touch with friends
+ Trust as freely
+ Gained weight
+ Lost touch with my faith.

Five turn offs:
+ Arrogance
+ No sense of humor
+ Bad hygiene
+ Selfishness
+ Femininity. be a man already, giah.

Four turn ons:
+ Genuine smile
+ Great smell
+ Great sense of humor
+ Intelligence

Three things you want to do before you die:
+ Play the slots in Vegas
+ Sky dive
+ Get a Europass and travel Europe for a while.

Two smileys that describe you:
+animal smileys
+war smileys

One confession:
+ I am so scared of my future. I don't want to grow up and join the real world.